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Date:Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Time: 12pm - 5:30pm

Venue: Moore Institute Seminar Room, Moore Institute, NUI Galway

Gender ARC will host an MA Research Methods workshop in, and with the assistance of, the Moore Institute on Wednesday 30th November, incorporating students from the NUIG MA in Culture and Colonialism and the UL MA in English. The event will strengthen the ties between NUIG and the University of Limerick, both at graduate and research level, since it is also in connection with  the Gender, Discourse and Identities Research Cluster of Gender ARC (“Women, War and Letters, 1880-1920”).

The workshop will consist of panels in which speakers from NUIG, UL and UCD reflect on their research, highlighting research processes as much as content; a discussion of IRCHSS funding and Ph.D. possibilities to which current Ph.D. candidates will contribute; and a group workshop for the MA students. The aim of the workshop is to deepen graduate students’ understanding of the nature and possibilities of academic research and to help students formulate ideas for their dissertations. An important aspect of the workshop will be the particular challenges which archival, textual and contextual research present to researchers working on marginalised, non-conventional and/or geographically distant source material, as well as the challenges posed by interdisciplinary research models.

Participants will include Professor Margaret Harper (UL); Dr Tina O’Toole (UL), Dr Anne Mulhall (UCD), Professor Sean Ryder (NUIG), Dr Muireann O’Cinneide (NUIG) and Professor Tadhg Foley (NUIG, Emeritus).

Timetable & Preparation

12pm-12.15pm: Introductions & Welcome

12.15pm-1pm: Research Panel (Chair: Dr Muireann O’Cinneide (NUIG))
Professor Margaret Harper (UL); Dr Anne Mulhall (UCD); Professor Tadhg Foley (NUIG, Emeritus).

1pm-1.15pm: Coffee Break

1.15pm-2pm: Round-Table: Research Methods/Approaches (Chair: Dr Tina O’Toole (UL))

2pm-2.30pm: Lunch

2.30pm-3:30pm: MA Discussion Groups – Assigned Reading – Choosing/Doing Research
3:30pm-4pm: Coffee Break

4pm-5.15pm: Funding Proposals & Ph.D. Research - Professor Sean Ryder (NUIG) & Humanities Ph.D. Students.

5.15pm-5.30pm: Overview

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