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Great Expectations? Gender Mainstreaming and DDRR In Liberia (TBC)

Project Description

Liberal peacebuilding perspectives have been considered by some critics to be gendered. They focus on the priorities of men in the post-conflict environment despite tireless work by women at the local level to affect peaceful change. The result is programmes that do not meet the needs of women, do not acknowledge their agency and frequently expect them to return to conventional gender roles. Despite policy revisions to increase women’s perspectives in these contexts (e.g. UNSCR 1325 and gender mainstreaming) traditional, liberal, top-down peacebuilding approaches often prevail. This research investigates how this approach manifests practically through examining the gender mainstreaming provision for women in the disarmament, demobilisation, rehabilitation, reintegration (DDRR) process in Liberia. Using primary research with women associated with fighting forces and key informants working on planning and implementation of the programme, it explores the lived reality for these women. This offers an understanding of the limitations of gender mainstreaming and considers what other mechanisms the women utilise to reintegrate. Finally, alternate solutions to DDR programmes and revisions to gender appropriate peacebuilding approaches are proposed.

Project Details

Principal Investigators:

Helen S.A. Basini



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Grant Source:

IRCHSS/Conflict Resolution Unit, DFA award (3 years)

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Project Outputs

One publication pending on revise and resubmit for International Interactions Special issue on UNSCR 1325, Women, Peace and Conflict

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